Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Blog Overload

Since I am so far behind on blogging, I'm about to do a blog overload! I'm going to do several different posts. This one will be a "June" post.

So, Tyler and I, along with Brayden, went to the galleria one Saturday and I thought Brayden would love to ride the carousel. Boy, was I wrong!! The entire time he clutched Tyler's neck like he would never let go. I didn't get very many good pictures because it was moving and I was far away, but here are the ones I got.

We also got to go to Megan's Mimi's pool and swim. Unfortunately, swimming in a big pool is alot more work than fun. Because Brayden is used to having free roam in his baby pool, he couldn't understand why I wanted to hold him or put him in a float the entire time. He enjoyed the float for a little while and then he was ready to get out and swim.

Swimming wore him out!

On Father's Day, he finally got dedicated! I don't have the pictures of it, but we didn't get very many good ones because we were so far away and facing away from the audience. We spent the day as a family of 3 and had a really good day. Brayden is very lucky to have such a great daddy and I know one day they will be the best of friends.

Here is our attempt at taking a family picture - haha!

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