Monday, September 24, 2012

Bentley Turns 1 & a Football Game

This weekend was fabulous! Friday night we took Brayden to the high school football game. He loved it of course! His favorite part was the band. He seriously sat in a trance barely even blinking for the entire half-time show. He also enjoyed the football game part. He didn't care that we got slaughtered. :) We didn't stay very long, but we'll probably be going back.

Saturday was Bentley's birthday. We went and got her a birthday gift and then went to hang out at Brooke's until party time. The party was so much fun. It was just family (which was a lot of people!) and they grilled burgers and had cake and ice cream. Brayden rode 4-wheelers and visited the chickens and horses.

Here is a self-portrait of me and the birthday girl:
 Brayden also took our picture because he's obsessed with using the camera:

One of just the birthday girl (she did put on clothes for her party):
Here's her party setup:
Now, this kid loves to eat! I don't know of anything she'd turn her nose up at. So I knew she would go to town on her cake & she didn't prove me wrong:

I love this baby girl so much. I hope she grows up to love me as much as I love her! :)

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