Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Catch Up

We have had several weekends in a row where we haven't had anything planned and it's been wonderful! Last weekend was a long weekend so that was nice. We had some family pictures taken on Sunday and of the ones I've seen so far, they turned out great! It was funny to see how different Brayden was taking pictures this time. The last time I had pictures made of him were his 2 year old pictures and even though by some magic power (& a great photographer!) they turned out good, taking them was an absolute disaster. We took them at Botanical Gardens and he ran from the photographer and me every chance he got. It was bad! This time, he actually sat still and stayed right with us. He obviously got annoyed with taking pictures after about 20 minutes, but hey, he's 2 right?! I'm sure his good behavior had nothing to do with the fact that his daddy was with us. :)

This weekend we had the Hutton Thanksgiving scheduled for Sunday but nothing planned for Saturday. We are about to start taking the paneling down off of the walls in our living room and hanging sheetrock. So, since that will take months (according to my husband) we're relocating to our unused dining room while that project is going on. It will be alot smaller but it sure will be cozy! We worked on moving some stuff in there Saturday and picked up some couches my grandmother gave us. Sunday we had the Hutton Thanksgiving and had a great time. Brayden has 2 cousins on that side of the family: Emma is only 2 months older than him and Asher just turned 1. Brayden and Emma play so well together and really have a good time. I really should make more of an effort to get him down there to visit more often. Anyway, they kept us entertained the entire afternoon/evening. I wasn't able to get any pictures, but I did get a video and it's not uploading for some reason. Oh well, I know everyone loves a post without pictures! :)

Now we're gearing up for Thanksgiving tomorrow and Black Friday! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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