Friday, January 4, 2013

Hello 2013!

Happy New Year! It is officially 2013! We rang in the new year in a big way! Sleeping! :) We watched the ball drop at 11 & went to sleep. Tyler & I did get to have a date though. Mom watched Brayden while we went & spent almost 3 hours (not an exaggeration) at Outback. It was fun.

In 2013, Brayden will turn 3! Hopefully we'll get a home improvement project done on our house & only have 267 more to do. Haha! I'll get a new niece or nephew & Brayden will get a new cousin in July. Brayden will finish up his first year of preschool.

I have actually set some resolutions for myself that I am determined to fulfill. I haven't done resolutions in years because I never fulfilled them so I finally said what's the point?! This year I want to lose weight in a big way. I have promised myself I have to lose weight and be healthy before I will get pregnant again. I have to lose a lot so I need to go ahead and get started now. I'm not going to diet; I'm going to change my lifestyle. I also want to get healthy for Brayden. Now I would rather watch him play; I want to be able to participate and play with him.

I also want to be more diligent about having a quiet time. That's not as high on my priority list as it should be and I want to change that.

My biggest resolution this year is to be more patient with Brayden. This is a quote from Hands Free Mama's blog that totally applies to me: "Never will I forget how a whole day could be ruined when one little thing on my master plan went awry …". I get very stressed out when things don't do according to my plan and I can get pretty mean. I also lose patience pretty easily. I want to work so hard to change these things for myself and for my family.

I hope everyone has a blessed New Year!

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