Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Helena Waterfall & Colton's Party

The weekend before last was beautiful! We went & ate lunch at one of our favorite places right by the Helena waterfall & then ventured down to play in the water for a little while. This past weekend the weather was pretty dreary but we were super excited about Colton's birthday party! It was at the Heart of Dixie railroad museum and it included a train ride and an Easter egg hunt! It was seriously the best birthday party ever. First we had the party portion in a stationary train car with presents and hot dogs and cake. Then we boarded the train. It took us to a field where there was an Easter egg hunt, bubbles, a bouncy house, tattoos, & the Easter bunny! Brayden loved the Easter bunny! He went running up to him & threw his arms around him & gave him a big hug. Very similar to his Santa Claus reaction. Overall we had a great weekend. We're looking forward to Easter & family time. We're also ready for warm weather!

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