Thursday, July 4, 2013

Liberty Day 2013

The weekend before the 4th was Liberty Day in our quaint little town. It was the 28th (I think) year of hosting Liberty Day and we love it! I love it more now with Brayden than I ever have before. Friday night, they closed Main Street and had music and a few rides for the kids. We mainly went down there to listen to Austin Foster.
After he finished, we got up to let the kids do the inflatables. They loved the inflatable slide.
Brooke went down the slide with Bentley a few times, but then she was tired of doing it. She handed Bentley to me like I was going to go down with her. Haha! So I handed her to Papa (my dad) just joking around that he was going to take her down it. HE DID! It was so funny! He loves these kids!

It started raining not long after that so we headed on home.

Saturday morning, we headed down to Main Street to check out the street vendors. Tyler got some of the Finkleas' famous Kettle Corn that he LOVES! Brayden caught a t-shirt that was being shot out of a t-shirt gun and he thought it was the greatest thing ever. Never mind that it's a Jack's shirt and it's a size adult medium. :) We also rode the train together.

We left after that because we were hot. We went with Mom, Brooke & Bent, & Jordan to eat Mexican in Alabaster. I let Bent play with my phone to keep her occupied and this is what my camera roll looked like.
We got back to town just in time to watch the parade. Bentley got to ride in the parade.
That evening, there was music at the football field followed by fireworks. We took a picnic dinner of chicken salad and fruit and had an absolute blast! We got there first and soon after Brooke and Danson came, along with Jared, Tracey, and Aubrey. Danson's sisters came too so we had a great group!

Poor Danson's chair broke not long after this and he hit the ground! It was so funny!

The fireworks were great and Brayden loved them. It was an absolutely fantastic weekend!

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