Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Swimming Lessons

Brayden has been taking swimming lessons for the past 2 weeks. He went Monday-Thursday last week and Monday-Thursday this week. He's done really well. They start out with floats on their backs and then they take those off and swim for a little bit and then they sing songs and jump off the side of the pool. That freaks Brayden out a little bit. He has to be holding the teacher's hand when he jumps, he won't just jump off the side by himself.

The Y has what they call a "boat" which is a PVC pipe contraption that the kids can stand on out in the water. Monday, we had a scary incident. Brayden decided he needed to go potty (this was after they took the floats off) and just like that, jumped off the boat. Naturally he went under. He had learned enough to kick himself back up out of the water, but he would go back under again. He went under and came back up again without any of the lifeguards noticing it. Tyler and I, along with another lady who tried to help, were on the side and Tyler was trying to reach him, but he was too far out. We could tell he was losing his strength and less of his head came back out of the water each time he went under. When we realized no one was going to do anything and chances were he wasn't coming back up the last time he went under, Tyler reacted naturally and jumped in after him, clothes and all. What he didn't remember until he climbed out was that he had his 4 month old IPhone 5 in his pocket. :( We've got it in rice, but it's not looking good. Even though the entire ordeal probably only lasted about a minute, it felt like forever. We obviously were a little upset that no one saw him. We were right by a lifeguard in a chair and there was a lifeguard in the water around them who was supposed to be watching. The director called to apologize so that made us feel better. Luckily, Brayden doesn't have a fear of the water after that. He went right back in after he went potty and has continued to do well Tuesday and today.

That was probably the scariest moment I've ever had as a parent though!

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