Monday, June 10, 2013

Beach Trip 2013

We just got back from a family beach trip to the Fort Morgan/Gulf Shores area and we had such an absolutely great time! My parents, my sister and brother in law & Bent, and Brayden and I went. My brother couldn't go because he just started a new job and couldn't take off and Tyler chose not to go because he HATES the beach, with a passion! I know, what's wrong with him?!

The Fort Morgan area is a great place to stay because it mostly consists of houses so the beach is not crowded at all. Seriously, this was either side of our canopy while we were there:

No people!!

We stayed in the cutest house and it even had its own private pool, which we LOVED!
We drove down last Saturday. We stopped for lunch at Arby's in Bay Minette and stopped at Walmart in Gulf Shores to get groceries so we didn't get to the house until about 5 or so. Since it was my birthday, we grilled cheeseburgers (my favorite!) for dinner and had ice cream for dessert.

We spent most of our days at the beach. We tried to alternate our evenings with going out to eat and eating in at our house. Sunday we spent the day on the beach and in the pool and went to eat at a place called Behind the Pines for dinner. Brooke got sick at her stomach right before we got our food. They went straight home after dinner and she was out of commission the entire next day with serious stomach pains. Luckily she started feeling better by Tuesday morning.

Monday, we spent more time at the beach and pool and had spaghetti for dinner that night.

By Tuesday, I was needing a break from the beach. I had gotten quite a bit of sun Sunday and Monday and I just wanted a day where I didn't have to put on my swimsuit and lather up with sunscreen. We decided to take the ferry to Dauphin Island. We figured Brayden would love it and we were right. It was a lot of fun!
We ate at a place called Lighthouse Bakery in Dauphin Island and it was absolutely delicious! Their sandwiches were so good! We felt a little like we were in Mayberry on Dauphin Island. We took a shuttle from the ferry dock to the bakery and the bus driver told us to give him a call when we were ready to be picked up. When we called the number, it was the police station! We really loved Dauphin Island. That night, we went to one of our favorites for dinner - Sea & Suds!
After dinner we took Brayden and Bentley to The Track to ride some rides. Unfortunately Bentley was only tall enough to ride the carousel.
Brayden enjoyed riding the train and also got to ride the Go Karts with Brooke.
We also went to get Dippin Dots after that. That was a FULL day!

Wednesday we hung out at the beach and pool again. That night, Brooke and Danson went on a date while we took Bentley to dinner with us. We went to eat at Lulu's. Brayden and Bentley had a great time playing in the sand while we waited.
Thursday the water was seriously crazy. The waves were crashing like crazy because of Tropical Storm Andrea so we didn't get in the water at all. However, during the night the tide had been HIGH so a little lagoon had formed. We set up our canopy right in front of it and Bentley and Brayden loved playing in it. It was perfect for them.

I also took a lot of pictures of everyone else that day too.

Thursday was also the day Danson and Dad went home. Danson had to work Friday and Saturday so they had to go back early. That night we cooked at home and just enjoyed some down time.

Friday we enjoyed our last day on the beach. A couple of nights while we were getting ready to go out to dinner, Brooke just threw Bentley in the sink to bathe her. She's still so little, she fit just perfect!

That night, we went to Cosmos for dinner.
After dinner, we took the kids to The Wharf to ride the ferris wheel.

Saturday we packed up to head home. We stopped at Lambert's on our way out because we knew Brayden would love the whole "throwed rolls" concept. We're not really sure what all the hype is about with that place, but it was packed at 10:30 in the morning! Brayden made sure to raise his hand for a roll.

We seriously had the best time. There was no drama, everyone got along great, and no one got stressed. I love my family and loved spending a full week at the beach with them. We missed Tyler and Jordan like crazy. Now I'm wondering how I'll make it another year before I get to go back!

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