Tuesday, June 11, 2013


So Brayden talks about this boy named Dattery a lot. He is obviously not real (because who would name their kid that) & he's not quite what you would consider an imaginary friend. You see, Dattery only exists to have the things happen to him that could possibly happen to Brayden. He has talked about him for months. The first time he talked about him was when he was in the bathtub but now I can't remember what was happening. The most recent instances of Dattery visiting happened while we were at the beach. One day we were in our canopy on the beach & Brayden was playing right in front of it in the sand. A gator/mule/I can't remember what it's called came by but it stopped when it got to us because Brayden was in the way. Brayden looked up right when it was stopping but freaked out because he thought they were going to run over him. When I say freaked out, I mean he had a look of absolute terror on his face & came running into the canopy. Mom & I both reassured him that they would not run over him & they waved to him as they drove by. And a little bit later Brayden said he had a story to tell us. This is what he said "This one time my friend Dattery was at the beach & him got runned over by a go kart (that's what he calls them) & him broke him leg!"

So then a couple of nights later we took Brayden & Bentley to ride the Ferris wheel at the Wharf. When we got in we talked to Brayden about how important it was not to rock the gondola or do anything crazy because we could fall out. So right on cue, a couple of minutes later, Brayden says "Hey guys, this one time my friend Dattery was riding the Ferris wheel & him fell out & another cart (from the ferris wheel) was coming by & it hit Dattery on the leg & broke it!" 

Dattery always shows up just in time to have the bad things happen to him so they won't happen to Brayden - he's such a great friend! 😊 I'll make sure to post again when Dattery comes back!

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  1. Poor Dattery makes many visits to the hospital.