Thursday, April 14, 2011

11 Months

So, I realized that I never posted an 11 month post so even though it's a little late, here it is! Friday, Brayden was 11 months old. He is the most precious, loving, happy 11 month old I've ever known. However, I won't lie - he has quite a temper and can be a little mean sometimes. I just chalk that up to him being a boy. Hopefully he'll grow out of it! And for the temper, he gets it honest. :) He is growing so fast and learning new things every day.

At 11 months:
* He is finally pulling up! He still rolls and now army crawls anywhere he wants to go. He can pull up on coffee tables, in the bathtub, and in his crib. He's usually standing up when I go in to get him in the mornings and it just melts my heart.
* He is still a great sleeper. He averages around 11 to 12 hours a night.
* He LOVES water. Bathtime is his absolute favorite and we've recently discovered he loves the pool as well, although that didn't surprise us.
* He doesn't really care for vegetables. He loves fruits, yogurt, and anything sweet. He gets that honest too!
* He has finally moved up to a size 18 month clothes and is on the verge of going into a size 4 diaper.
* Daycare is still going really well. He usually cries when I leave in the morning, which I'm hoping is pretty normal.
* He still doesn't say many words. He says Dada, Bye, and Hey. We like to think he says Dog, but I'm not certain that's what he's really saying. I'm still waiting to hear that one sweet word I'm dying to hear - Mama!

Even though he wears me out and keeps me on my toes, I could not imagine life without him. I cannot believe he will be 1 in 3 weeks. It's very sad to think that he is about to celebrate his last "first" holiday. I wish I could just stop time for a little while. I miss him being this sweet little tiny baby. I was so ready for him to "grow up" and start sleeping through the night and crawling and walking. However, I would go back to those days in a heartbeat. I have learned not to wish the days away and wish for him to learn the next big thing because right where he is is the perfect place.

I didn't take any pictures on his actual 11 month birthday, but here are some I took last weekend that I haven't posted yet.

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