Monday, April 25, 2011

Finally A Boat Ride!

Papa finally took us on a boat ride this afternoon. As expected, Brayden loved it. First he sat in Tyler's lap. We tried to keep him in front of the little windshield thing so the wind wasn't blowing in his face too bad.

My dad's face in this picture cracks me up! I promise Brayden is the only person (so far) that makes him this happy.
You can't see him too well in this picture because he's behind the windshield, but I just love his expression and how happy he is.

Then, he went over to Papa's lap to help drive the boat and that made him even happier. He made his boat noise the entire time he was driving! He was also mesmerized by the water shooting out the side of the boat.

I see a lot of boat riding in our future this summer!

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