Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Brayden's First Birthday Party Part 1

Brayden's first birthday party was Saturday and it was an absolute blast! The weather could not have been more perfect and almost everyone we invited showed up! There are so many good pictures that I'm going to split it up into 4 parts. This part will feature the food and Brayden's first experience with his very own cake.

Let me preface by saying that his birthday party theme was the letter B. All of the activities at the party started with B along with all of the food. We had a berry medley, bananas, brownies, butter cookies, "bears" aka teddy grahams, and "beans" aka jelly beans. We had bottled water, berry Capri Sun, and berry Kool Aid Squeeze Its.

The food table:
The food:

The plates and napkins:

Cindy Milner made the cake and his smash cake and did an excellent job!

As we all know, Brayden loves sweets so I knew he would love his cake. First, he stuck his finger in it over and over.

Then, he just started hitting it.

He didn't really eat much of it like I thought he would. It was more about destroying it and he succeeded.

The finished product:

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