Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Brayden's First Birthday Party Part 4

We were very surprised by all of the guests that showed up for Brayden's birthday party. It looked like everyone had a good time.

Grandmommy, Gigi to Brayden, came:
Meemaw came and Racheal and Chris brought sweet little Colton:

Tasha came and brought her two kids, Casey and Aubrey, and Sheena came and brought Sawyer:

Melody and Nate came (and he loved the bubbles!) :

Aaron, Jessica, and Emma came:
Megan and adorable little Stella came:

Todd, Susan, and Sarah stopped by:

Of course, Aunt Brooke and Uncle Jordan were there:

And Grammy:

Tracey came even though her stepson, Lane, couldn't come.

In case you're wondering, the party was not at my house. I wish I could take credit for this beautiful house, but I can't. My best friend, Hailey, and her husband, Chuck, offered (ok, I asked) to have the party at their house. They both put so much work into getting their house ready and getting everything ready for the party. I don't know what I would have done without them. I am very blessed to call them friends.

Oh, and I didn't take any pictures of the party favors, but they were a sand bucket with each child's name on it with bubbles and a ball in it.

I am so very thankful and fortunate to have so many people who care about my family and spent their Saturday morning at Brayden's first birthday party. I just hope I haven't set a precedent for birthday parties because it was a lot of work! :) However, I wouldn't have it any other way because this sweet boy deserves the best!

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