Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Brayden's First Birthday Party Part 2

As far as decorations we tried to keep the B theme going. Of course we had balloons.
We had a bouncing station . . .

A Bubbles Station . . .

and a Ball station . . .

The bubbles station had a bubble generator that shot out bubbles nonstop, 3 bubble wands, and 3 bubble sticks that made a shape out of bubbles.

The balls station had a ball pit and a pool full of big balls, medium size balls, a beach ball, and punch balls.

Behind the food table, we had a bucket for each month of Brayden's life. We used a picture taken around or on his monthly birthday and chose a B word that describes either him and/or the picture. Mom was in charge of these and I helped her and we spent ALOT of time on them so I'm going to post them all. :)

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