Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend Review

We had a pretty low key weekend. Friday night, we ate dinner at Brooke and Danson's house and got to walk down and get the eggs from the chicken coop, which I love to do! I really wish I lived on a farm! Saturday, Tyler and I had a wedding to go to so Mom and Brooke watched Brayden. They, along with Dad, took him on a boat ride and then Dad took him strolling. We enjoyed the wedding and even though we only went to the wedding and back, it was nice to have some "Brayden-less" time. Saturday evening, Brooke was craving Pizza Hut (& what the pregnant lady craves, the pregnant lady gets!) so Mom, Brooke, Danson, Brayden and I went to Pizza Hut. Sunday, we went to church and then had a Sunday School social afterwards. It was at Chuck and Hailey's house and we ate hamburgers and hot dogs. We also had a diaper shower for a couple in our class who is expecting a baby in a few weeks. Brayden really enjoyed "driving" Chuck's tractor. Thanks to Chuck for taking these pictures because of course I didn't have my camera!

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