Monday, December 10, 2012

Santa, Christmas Parade, & Walk Through Bethlehem

The first 2 weekends of December were pretty low key, just how I like them! Last weekend we took Brayden to see Santa at Bass Pro Shops. I wasn't really sure how Brayden would react and I really wasn't expecting the reaction he had. We were next in line so when Santa waved for the next child to come, I said ok Brayden it's your turn. He took off running! He ran down the aisle and threw his arms around Santa and gave him a huge hug. I wish I would have been videoing him, but like I said, I wasn't expecting that. He took his picture with Santa and they had a conversation (too bad I couldn't hear it!). By the way, I'm sorry my pictures all look funny. They were taken with my phone and apparently my phone took them sideways so I had to do some tweaking.

Thursday night was the Christmas parade here in town. It was actually a pretty good parade and Brayden thoroughly enjoyed himself. Of course he loved the firetrucks and all the lights on the floats and Santa.
Yesterday we went to A Walk Through Bethlehem at my sister's church. It is a village set in Bethlehem on the night Jesus was born. You get to see all the different vendors at market like the vegetable and fruit stand, the basket stand, the pottery stand, and so on and so forth. Then you get to see the stable where Baby Jesus was born and at the very end, they have the 3 crosses and then Jesus coming out of the tomb. It is such a tremendous production and you can tell that SO much work goes into it. Not to mention the people playing th parts commit to 4 nights of this. It is an absolute blessing and such a great reminder that Jesus is the reason for the season. Brooke and Danson were both in it and Brayden got to see them while we were walking through.
This weekend we're gearing up for our family Christmas fun night on Friday night and a Christmas party for Brayden on Saturday night. Not to mention I've got to finish the rest of my shopping because starting the 21st, we are booked solid until Christmas day!

I can't believe it's only 2 weeks until Christmas Eve!!

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