Monday, February 25, 2013

Oh Happy Day

Another great weekend is in the books. Great isn't even the word for it. More like magnificent, awesome, miraculous, something like that.

This weekend was beautiful as far as the weather goes. It was a little preview of the beautiful spring that is to come and I can't wait! Saturday was such a pretty day and Tyler was off so we decided to go do some hiking at Mt Cheaha. We invited my mom along and set out on the trek up the mountain. Cheaha is very close to my old stomping ground of Jacksonville/Oxford so it was very nostalgic for me. We went to Cheaha many times while I was in college so it was nice to reminisce. I realized I haven't been back since I graduated almost 6 years ago! A Jacksonville trip is definitely in order soon. Brayden was so good too! If you've ever been to Cheaha, first we went down the boardwalk trail that's obviously very easy to walk down because it's a boardwalk. After that, though, we went up the Pulpit Rock trail. It's pretty rocky but the view at the end is absolutely breathtaking. Brayden did not complain or ask to be held one time! He climbed over those rocks and up a pretty steep hill just like the rest of us. He was so upset when we told him we had to leave and go home. He would have stayed all day - he just loves to be outside.

Now for the best part of the weekend:

My husband got baptized Sunday! This was a huge day for our family. I don't want to compromise his privacy and say too much but I had given up hope of this ever happening. God is still in the miracle business folks. You just have to be faithful in prayer and never give up. Our lives have changed so much because of this and I'm excited to see what He's going to do through us now and especially through my husband. He has quite a testimony so I hope he shares it with people.

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