Friday, November 8, 2013

CBK Pumpkin Patch Trip 2013

Yesterday was our 2nd annual field trip with Brayden's preschool to the pumpkin patch. This year Daddy got to go with us. Even though it was a little chilly, it was still lots of fun. If these pictures look familiar, it's because this is the same pumpkin patch we went to about 2 or 3 weeks prior.

We started out the morning feeding the baby calves with a bottle. The teachers got to feed them and the kids watched. It was so adorable!

Then we went on the hayride out to the patch to pick our pumpkins.

He also got to climb a small hay "mountain" with his buddies and ride the swing.

After the hayride, we ate lunch. Well, actually, Brayden ate lunch. Tyler and I waited until we left to eat. :) After that, we looked at and petted the farm animals. Bray got to pet a chicken, bunny, lamb, and goat. I think I enjoyed petting them more than he did.

Then we did the hay maze. Brayden felt quite victorious after finding his way through that so I took a picture of his victory pose.

Then he picked some cotton. When we went a few weeks ago, he liked picking the cotton, but he was done with it after a little bit. Yesterday, I think he would have stayed out there picking cotton all day. I think it's because it wasn't so crowded and he could really enjoy it. And enjoy it, he did!
I thoroughly enjoyed the day and I loved getting to see him interact with his friends from school.

Happy weekend, friends!

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