Monday, November 4, 2013

Weekend Fun!

I know I say this every Monday, but we seriously had the best weekend ever! The weather was beautiful and we did so many fun things!

Friday night we went to Brooke's mother-in-law's house for postponed Halloween trick or treating. She loves all things Halloween and puts on quite a shindig every year. We normally don't get to go since we go to the fall festival at church, but since she had it Friday night we got to go. The only memorable thing to report from that evening is the fact that my child went up and shook a candle holder that was lining the driveway and tons of wax fell down into his hair! I was seriously trying to get candle wax out of his hair all weekend. By the way, that is not an easy feat. Especially when the child screams bloody murder because the wax is on his scalp.

Even though it wasn't our plan, we actually ended up playing tourist in Birmingham this weekend.
Saturday Tyler had to work so Mom and I got together and took Brayden to eat lunch and to Aldridge Gardens. It was so pretty! We walked the trail around the lake and just enjoyed taking our time and enjoying the scenery.


And thanks to Mom for her pose in the picture above because then we got the next awesome picture of Brayden.
Sunday after church, Tyler wanted to do something fun since he worked Saturday. We invited Mom along and headed towards Birmingham. Our original plan was to pick something up and have a picnic at a park. Tyler vetoed that idea though because he just doesn't understand why anyone would want to eat outside, even on a patio or porch. We ended up eating lunch at the same place we ate Saturday (what can I say, I'm a creature of habit). We had decided to go to Moss Rock at the Preserve, but found out they were having a huge art festival so we skipped it. We ended up at Vulcan Park and I'm so glad we did! Brayden loved it! He asked if we could go back to "Vultan" tomorrow. Vulcan is a huge statue in Birmingham that represents our iron history. Even though I'm not much of a museum or history person, I really enjoyed the museum here. I liked learning about the history of Birmingham since I've lived right south of it all my life.

When we went up to the observation deck, the lady taking our tickets said it was good until 10:00 that night and I got a wild hair and mentioned that it would be so fun to come back at night when all the lights of Birmingham were on. I convinced my travel partners to do it when I said since they time had changed, it would be getting dark really early anyway. Ha, I don't really think they needed convincing.

To pass the time, we decided to go to the airport and park along the road beside the runways and watch the planes land and take off. We got there and parked and there were 2 planes sitting at the end of the runway and we could tell they were waiting on the all clear to take off.
Well, we sat there for about 30 minutes and NOTHING happened. We couldn't figure it out. Finally I decided to go to the airport's website and see if any planes were scheduled to land or take off in the next few minutes. When I pulled up the schedule, it said that 3 planes that should have landed while we were there had been diverted. Well, we knew something had to be going on. Sure enough, I pulled up the Birmingham News website and there was a security breach, later learning it was a bomb threat, and the entire airport had been evacuated and planes had been grounded. Seriously!! What are the odds on the one day we go to do that, it would have a bomb threat going on! Needless to say, we had one disappointed little boy but we told him we'd bring him back.

We drove around and looked at the new Regions Park (where the Birmingham Barons play) and drove through this cool tunnel!
By that point, it was dusk so we headed back to Vulcan. Boy was it worth it! Birmingham at night is so beautiful! I'm so glad we stuck around to see it.
And even though this picture is horrible, here is our sweet family!
I mean, seriously, Brayden looks deranged!

We had such a good time, even though we missed our normal traveling cohorts. Brooke & Bent just stayed around the house, so I didn't get to see them the entire weekend! :(

I hope you had a great weekend as well!


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  1. What a fun weekend in our city. I haven't been to Vulcan in forever. We need to visit again. That was crazy what happened at the airport too!