Saturday, March 19, 2011

Botanical Gardens

Today, we, excuse me - I, decided to take Brayden to Botanical Gardens. He loves to be outside and it's totally free to go so I figured what better way to spend a beatiful Saturday. Mom wanted to go and Brooke wasn't too thrilled with the idea, but she went anyway. :) I believe Brayden has more teeth coming in because he has been really fussy the past couple of days. Once we gave him some Motrin, though, he was ok. We went to eat lunch at Newk's, one of my favorites! Then, "Aunt Brooke" wanted to get Brayden a camera for an early birthday present. I have a really bad camera, and as you've noticed, I don't take alot of pictures. Well, that's all about to change! Brooke got me/us a camera today and I already love it!! It takes such good pictures. After going to get the new camera, we went to Botanical Gardens. Now, when we set out today, Brayden had on an adorable outfit with a brown shirt and brown plaid shorts. However, his diaper ended up leaking and got that outfit wet. The only spare outfit I had was the cowboy outfit he was wearing in his last "photo shoot"! Anyway, these pictures may look similar to last time, but they are still cute! He loved being outside and overall it was a really good day!! Here are a few good ones we got:

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