Sunday, March 20, 2011

Tannehill State Park

Today was another beautiful day! After church, we grilled hamburgers and Tyler cut the grass in the front yard. My original plan was to hang out at home today, but I just couldn't resist getting Brayden outside since he loves it so much. I realized it was Trade Days at Tannehill State Park so Mom, Tyler, and I decided to go and take Brayden. We got there a little late for Trade Days and they were starting to pack stuff up, but we still got to walk around and see some of the stuff and go and look at the waterfall. I wasn't able to take many good pictures because Brayden was so focused on the water that he wouldn't look at the camera.

Tyler doesn't get to go with us very often because he works so much, but he got to go today and Brayden loved it! Brayden laughs so hard at his daddy and it makes me a little jealous. :) When he wasn't in his stroller, Tyler was carrying him on his shoulders and I could just tell that Brayden was so happy. It really makes my heart happy that he is such a good daddy. I know Brayden will appreciate that as he gets older and gets to do stuff with him. Hopefully, he will still love to do stuff with "the girls" a.k.a Mom, Nana, and Aunt Brooke! :) It will help if he has his best friend/cousin (fingers crossed it will be a boy!) to hang out with. I'm just kidding, he will love his cousin whether it is a boy or girl! :) It's only a little over a month before we know for sure!

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