Friday, October 25, 2013

Conversations with Brayden

I have had some pretty funny (& sweet) (but mostly funny) conversations with the Bray lately so I wanted to document them:

* One day we were in the car on the way home from Brooke's house and Puppy (his stuffed dog) was barking and wouldn't stop. Brayden said "Puppy if you don't stop barking I'm going to spank you." Obviously Puppy didn't stop because Brayden spanked him and then told him he was going to time out when we got home. Brayden put Puppy on his bed when we got home. I stood in the hall and listened when he went back to his room to tell Puppy he could come out of time out. This is what I heard: "You know why I put you in timeout, because you wouldn't stop barking. I still love you even though I had to spank you."

* After cutting grass one evening I came in the house, plopped down on the couch, and said "Man I'm sore". Brayden said "Why?". I said "I guess because I've been out cutting grass." He said "Oh baby, where are the sores?" I just went along with it and said "my arms and legs". He said "Let me see, where at, right here, you need to get a bandaid on those!"

* "Mom, if I'm good when we go to Tarjay (his daddy's name for Target), can I get some Bareheads?" (Airheads, his most favorite candy ever)

* I bumped my ear on a table one night while I was leaning down to plug my phone in and it hurt! (Side note: I never realized how sensitive ears are. I barely hit the table, but my ear was throbbing in pain!) Brayden was in the room with me and said "What happened Momma?" I told him I bumped my ear. He said "Here let me look at it, I'm going to be a doctor when I grow up." "Aww you have a bump on your ear!" That bump is a scar from where I've had my ears pierced so many times and scar tissue has built up.

* Last night we went camping in his Cars tent. He packed his backpack and put his pillow and sleeping bag in the tent. When I climbed in the tent, he said "Let's get out the 'plies" and pulled his backpack out. In it were puppy and a box of Legos. He really knows the necessities for camping. I said "Where are the snacks and drinks?" because let's face, that's what I live for. :) He said "Oh I forgot." So I said we'd just pretend and picked up a Lego and said it was bread. He said "Hold on" and left the tent and came back with a bag of leftover cornbread and a pack of hamburger buns and said "Here's some real bread." Haha he makes me laugh so hard!

I sure do love that kid!

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