Friday, October 18, 2013

Guess What Day It Is . . . FRIDAY!!

Whoop whoop . . . time for another 5 on Friday!

Brayden got his school pictures back and I love them! I may be partial, but I just think he is so precious! I did a comparison from last year's fall pictures to this year's and almost fell apart. He was so little last year! And he looks like a boy this year. Oh, it's just too much!
We stopped at the gas station one night and a police car stopped to let us cross through the parking lot. Brayden waved at him like a crazy kid (he's slightly obssessed with any public servant figure) and when we got to the driver's side, he was holding out a sucker for Brayden. It warmed my heart. I'm one of those parents that threatens the police pulling us over and taking us to jail when Brayden unbuckles his carseat so it was nice for Brayden to see a policeman being nice. :)

He wasn't so nice when he flashed his lights at me for barely going over the speed limit a couple of nights later.

My husband and I have a very strange relationship. We don't really have many serious conversations. We're both very sarcastic people and when there's an opportunity for a jab, we just can't help ourselves. This conversation happened after I sent Brayden's school picture to him. It probably will appear mean to some, but this is how we interact. I didn't take a picture of it, but don't worry, I got the last word in. :) Oh, and please excuse my husband's grammar - that's not his strong suit.

PS - nothing he said about me is true.

Cuatro (I always thought that started with a Q!)
I have fallen in love with these elastic hairties:

I ordered some black and gray ones (from Pumpkin Bowtique on Etsy) so I'd have some to wear with work clothes, but now I want every color and every pattern available! I have a problem. I even want to start buying my clothes to coordinate with these things. I am out of control/obssessed/can't stop!

We have a majorly busy weekend ahead of us. We have one birthday party Friday night and another one Saturday morning. I have to purchase Brayden's Halloween costume this weekend before they're all sold out. Plus, since we did Homestead Hollow instead of the pumpkin patch last weekend, we definitely need to make a trip to the Old Baker Farm.

I hope you have lots of fun plans for the weekend!

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