Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Brayden's 3 Year Well Visit

So, my child has been 3 since May 8th and I have yet to post about his party or his actual birthday. I actually have a fairly good excuse this time. You see, we took all of the pictures with my sister's camera. My niece has been in the hospital (more on that in the next post) and I haven't had a chance to get her memory card. I will do that soon though!

Brayden's 3 year well visit was on May 9th. I took off half a day and we headed to Pelham. My plan was for us to eat lunch together before the appointment, but Brayden fell asleep on the way there. I ran through a drive thru and right when I was going to pull over to eat, he woke up. We just parked in a random parking lot and ate our lunch.

We got to the doctor and had to wait a little while for the doctor to come in the room so we played with my phone a little bit.

The doctor checked everything and said he was a very healthy little boy. He was actually pretty impressed because we'd only been to the doctor 1 time in between well visits. That means 1 visit in a year!

Here are his 3 year stats:

Weight was 33.2 pounds which I think was in the 75th percentile
Height was 39 1/4. Dr McCown looked at some chart and said if Brayden keeps up with the projection, we're looking at 6.1 or 6.2! Woah, I've got a tall kid!

Brayden did so good at the doctor. He didn't have to get any shots this time, but he was very well behaved and patient. So I let him have a little reward when we got home. :)

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