Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Last Day of 2K

Thursday was Brayden's last day of 2K and he had a program that morning. His teacher pointed us out to him before they ever came in the sanctuary so he was waving and blowing kisses the entire time he was on stage. He even yelled out "Hey Mom" one time. It was so funny, slightly embarrassing, and absolutely precious seeing him up there.

After his program, we went back to his classroom to get his things and say goodbye to his teachers. He really had some great teachers this year and we will miss them so much. I'm sure we'll still get to see them next year though!

Once we got home, I took some pictures to compare to the first of the year.
Wow! I think he grew a foot during those 9 months! We also took pictures of him with Daddy and with both of us:

I'm just going to be honest, this day was very hard for me. I literally cried for hours that night. It's funny how none of his birthdays have ever really affected me, but his last day of 2K did. I just kept thinking about how it felt like his first day of 2K was only a couple of weeks ago and now it was his last day. It was a very real reminder of how fast his childhood is going to go by and how in what will seem like a very short time, we'll be at his high school graduation. I know I have to enjoy every moment with him now and I try very hard to do that. I just love him so much and I never want him to grow up! :)

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