Wednesday, May 22, 2013


This weekend was pretty low key but was a lot of fun. Friday night, we went to visit Bentley in the hospital. She has a condition called kidney reflux which means if she gets a UTI (& I think this condition makes that more likely), the infection can back up into her kidney and unfortunately, that happened this time. She went to the hospital Wednesday night with like a 104 degree fever and was having seizures. They admitted her and got her on IV antibiotics. She didn't get to come home until Saturday! Luckily she had no kidney damage from the infection. You could tell when we walked in that Bentley had missed Brayden a lot. She was very excited to see him, and his puppy!

We didn't do much Saturday other than grab lunch, do a little shopping, and get groceries.

Sunday, Dad had the idea to go to the Logan Martin Dam. All the floodgates were opened all the time because of all the rain. It was so much fun and Brayden was amazed. Dams really are pretty cool!

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