Monday, January 10, 2011

8 Months

Well, Brayden was 8 months old Saturday. It is so hard for me to believe that it has been 8 months since he was born. Before long, we will be throwing his 1 year birthday party! People tell you that time flies once you have kids and you don't really believe them, but it is so true! People also tell you that you won't believe how much you will love until you have a baby and that is also so true! I honestly cannot believe how much I love Brayden. It seriously is like an entirely different kind of love than any love you have ever experienced before. Not to mention I love Tyler so much more because of this amazing, funny, happy, sweet boy that we have created together!

Of course I didn't take any pictures on Saturday so I took a few tonight right before Brayden went to bed while he was playing with his daddy.

We spent his 8 month birthday running around. We ate lunch with his Gigi, Nana, Aunt Brooke, and Mom. He actually ate some carrots, green beans, and potatoes! Then, Aunt Brooke and I went and did some shopping at Buy Buy Baby, Sam's, and Hobby Lobby. We also had a big snow scare, that produced no snow, and I got to stay home an extra day with my baby boy.

At 8 months Brayden is:
*Wearing 12 months clothes
*Wearing size 4 diapers, but would still fit in size 3. We're just trying to use all the ones we received as gifts before we bought some.
*Just started clapping, although he will only do it if he wants to. If he doesn't, he just stares at you like you have an extra head.
*He is still not crawling! Hopefully that will come in the next month.
*He has 2 bottom teeth and 1 almost completely in on the top.
*He pretty much logrolls anywhere he wants to go.
*He has started waving, but doesn't do it very often.

He is a very happy baby who is always laughing and smiling. Just recently, he has started objecting very strongly if you take something away that he shouldn't have or don't let him have something he wants. Overall, my heart grows more everyday with him in my life. Sometimes, I think my heart will literally burst. Life could not be better right now!

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