Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sad Day

Yesterday was Brayden's last day to stay with Mrs. Bettie. It was very heartbreaking for me to make that decision. God totally sent Mrs. Bettie to us. Brayden was born in May and I went back to work in June so my mom watched him in June and July. However, in August when she was going back to school, we had no idea what we were going to do. So, I posted on facebook that I was looking for someone to watch Brayden one to two days a week and a family friend of one of my best friends said that her mom might be interested. Mrs. Bettie goes to our church so I met her one Sunday and then went over to her house one Saturday just to see where she lived and talk to her a little bit. Even though I didn't really know her that well, I had such a peace about dropping him off at her house the first day. I never worried or cried or fretted one time while he was staying with her. Over the past several months, we have gotten to know her and absolutely love her! Brayden was 3 months old when he started staying with her and I could not imagine that it could have worked out more perfectly. Mrs. Bettie always takes him places, which as you can see from my other posts he is very used to being on the go. She bought him a little sweater vest and shirt for Christmas. She's just absolutely wonderful and I'm still worried about him not being with her getting her undivided attention and being cared for so well. Yesterday he got to take some pictures with Mrs. Bettie and her granddaughter, Hannah, who he loves!
Brayden & Mrs. Bettie - I love this picture!

Brayden & Hannah

Brayden in his new favorite stroller
 The main reason we're leaving Mrs. Bettie is because I'm starting a new job where he needs to go to a 5 day a week place. He's starting an in home daycare on Monday with 11 other kids so I'm excited and worried and nervous all at the same time. I'm hoping he learns to crawl, walk, and eat food faster and better. I know it will also be good for him to be on a routine and around other kids on a regular basis. I just hope the other kids aren't mean to him. :(

I start my new job with Shelby County February 7th and I'm very excited! I'm sad because I know I'll miss all of my friends at RDS, but ready for something new and hopefully having my last "first day"! Last big change coming soon! :)


  1. Nice new wheels, Brayden!! : ) MORE big changes???! You have a lot of changes going on!

  2. Oh those aren't Brayden's wheels - he was borrowing from a friend. :) Yes I do have a lot going on - I'm excited about the next one!

  3. I will be praying for you as Brayden starts a new adventure! I can totally relate to how you feel. LOVE the blog!!! :)

  4. I know that Jackie is going to miss you. We'll have to make sure to get together when you start the new job!!