Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What A Weekend!!

We had a crazy weekend, but let me rewind and give a little backup info that will be needed. Thursday, Brayden's babysitter, Bettie, called around 1:00 that afternoon and said one of her grandchildren had just been sick on the way home from preschool, another grandchild had been sick Monday, and she was feeling a little queasy. Needless to say, I went and got Brayden immediately. He came to work with me for the rest of the afternoon and Jackie did an awesome job of keeping him entertained so I could train someone. Thursday night, Tyler was at work and texted me saying that he had thrown up twice. I know Tyler didn't get it from Brayden because he hadn't seen him that day and I'm still not sure Tyler had it, because if you have it, you know it!

Anyway, Friday I took off just in case Tyler did have it so he wouldn't be watching Brayden and give it to him. We had a great day together - we went to Sam's and got some more formula and wipes. Tyler got up around 12 and called wondering where we were. I told him we were on the way home and he said he needed to take a part back to Sears for a grill and wondered if we wanted to ride up there with him. So, we rode back up to the Galleria and took back the part, walked around the mall for a little while and found some clothes on sale for a great price at Baby Gap, and ate dinner at the most romantic place ever, Taco Bell! :) We got back pretty early so we decided to ride with Mom and Brooke up to Hobby Lobby and Brooke ate dinner at Taziki's.

Saturday morning Tyler was feeding Brayden and he threw up most of his formula. He does that sometimes and he didn't act like he was feeling bad so I didn't really think too much about it. We went and ate lunch at PF Chang's, Brooke's favorite place ever. I actually took some pictures!

Brayden in the car

Mom & Brayden waiting for a table
Brooke & Brayden at the table
Brayden loves water! He hasn't quite mastered drinking out of a sippy cup, mainly because he would rather chew on the spout part, but he loves drinking it out of a straw or even out of a water bottle. It literally would keep him entertained for hours. See?
We also stopped by to see Meemaw and Pawpaw on the way home.
Brayden and Pawpaw
Brayden and Meemaw
That night, we went over to Brooke and Danson's for homemade pizza night. I had to run home to get something and while I was gone, Mom was feeding Brayden and he threw up everywhere. He still hadn't acted like he was really feeling bad though.

Sunday, though, I started feeling like I was going to throw up. I felt like that pretty much all day and finally threw up around 9:30, then 11:00, then 4 AM. It was one of the worst stomach viruses I've ever had! I had these terrible stomach cramps and some other symptoms I won't go into detail about because that would be a little too much information! It pretty much took me out Sunday and Monday. I finally started feeling better Monday evening; however, Mom texted me Monday around lunchtime and said she had come home from school because she didn't feel good and Brooke and Danson were sick too! I also found out Monday night that Pawpaw had been throwing up! Brayden just left a path of destruction everywhere he went!

So tonight, I wanted some real food again! We went to Five Guys - they seriously have the best cheeseburgers!
On a totally different note, I finally got a picture of Brayden pulling up in his crib. My plan was to get one from far back and close up, but by the time I tried to take the close up one, he was sitting down again.

Also, I will be blogging about the changes going on here in the next few days!


  1. Is it weird that I see such a little man when I see him?? He is so grown, but when I see Walker, all I see is a wittle bitty baby : ) I guess I finally understand why moms baby their sons even when they are adults. They still see them as their babies!

  2. Not at all! Sometimes I look at him and he looks like a toddler. Although I will always consider him my baby! :)