Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekend Review

This weekend was pretty normal. Friday night, Tyler was working. I picked Brayden up from Mrs. Bettie's (who will require a post of her own) and Mom called and said she was taking Grandmommy to eat with my aunt and uncle in Chelsea and did I want to tag along. Since I was still in Chelsea, I decided we would. Brayden has been a little fussy lately because his fourth tooth is coming in so he wasn't in the best mood that night. We ate and left pretty quickly and then went over to mom's to just hang out for a little while. Saturday, Mom, Brooke, and I needed to do some running around so of course Brayden tagged along. We went to eat at La Fiesta and then went to Sam's and Belk and Target and Petsmart. On the way home we stopped by my Meemaw and Pawpaw's house to visit. I definitely need to visit and get Brayden over there to visit more often.

My grandfather was diagnosed with lung cancer back in 2006 and has lived a long time with it. He's not doing as well anymore, though so I need to enjoy every minute I have with him. Not to mention he loves when Brayden comes to visit. One morning Brayden stayed with them for about an hour and Pawpaw said he could almost make a sick man well. :(

That evening, my mom watched Brayden while Tyler and I had a much needed date night. As much as I love Brayden more than anything and love spending time with him and being his mommy, sometimes it's nice to be able to just get out of your car and walk in a restaurant. Most people probably take that for granted, but when you have to get a diaper bag out and a baby out and get him set up in his highchair with some toys and snacks to keep him entertained, you're exhausted before you even place your drink order!

Sunday we went to church and rode around for a little while after church so Brayden could nap. Brayden's Grammy came over to visit for a little while. Brayden is changing and learning so many things so fast. He now claps and waves and is starting to "talk" more. He still really only says dada but hopefully he'll start saying mama more because it's obvious I'm his favorite. :) He also can get up on his knees now, but he doesn't really know what to do after that so he just lays back down. Last night, I went to get his bath water ready and when I came back to get him, he was on his knees holding on to the side of his crib. I am looking forward to all the things he will learn in the days ahead.

There are ALOT of changes going on in my life right now. I will be sharing all of them eventually probably in separate posts. It's funny how I either have nothing going on or a million things going on. I guess God is just keeping me on my toes! :)

Of course I don't have any pictures from this weekend but I promise to do better about taking them so I won't have any more posts without pictures (because who wants to read a post this long with no pictures)!

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  1. Bethany - my grandmother passed away from lung cancer in 2006. I took care of her every weekend. It is a horrible disease. I will say a prayer for your grandfather.

    I am super jealous of your date night. Chris and I have not had a date night just the two of us since before Walker was born. It might be time to get a sitter! :)