Friday, September 20, 2013

5 on Friday

Woohoo . . . it's finally Friday!!

1. My computer was dropped by an unnamed person in my house (the one who drops stuff a lot) and the part that you plug the charger into is broken. Tyler thinks he can fix it with some super glue, but that's why it's been pretty quiet around here lately.

2. It's Bentley's birthday weekeend! She'll be 2 Sunday (so hard to believe!) and her party is that afternoon. Here's a little walk down memory lane to get the weekend started!

3. Bentley has already gotten a trampoline for her birthday. Anytime she's come to my house in the past, the only reason she wanted to stay was because Brayden had a trampoline she could jump on. I'm pretty sad about the fact that she will never want to stay at my house now. I guess I need to find something else to entice her.

4. I watched this video last night.

If you haven't seen it yet, you seriously need to watch it. After I got done with my cryfest, I was lying in bed about to fall asleep and I realized this phase I'm in right now are the good times he's referring to. I try to enjoy every single minute I get with Brayden and Tyler, but I also tend to think about the future a lot(it's that planner in me!). I realized that even though I hate my house and sometimes we hardly have enough money to make it, I will look back on these days when I'm older and give anything to do them again. I'll probably be more secure financially by then and hopefully will be in a much better house, but I'll wish I could live in this crappy house again with no money if it meant I got to have a do-over on Brayden's toddler years. These are the best years of my life right now and I'm vowing now to make sure I remember that every day.

5. I am SO excited about October! The beach, my anniversary, the pumpkin patch, Halloween, my mom's birthday, my new blog design - there are so many things to look forward to! I haven't had anything pumpkin flavored yet and I need to remedy that!

Have a great weekend!


  1. I see a lot about you posting about your house. I'd love to see you do a little tour. I hated our house too until we moved away. Then I realized that I would take this tiny, one bathroom house FULL OF LOVE over a big house in a nice subdivision any day. :)

    1. Well, I'm not really complaining about the smallness. I'm okay with the size of it since I don't really like to clean. :) The main reason I hate it is because it has SO many cosmetic/foundation issues. The flooring is horrendous. I'm pretty sure it's the same carpet that was put down when it was built. Our bathroom is awful. Our central heating & air doesn't work. We have a roof leak that we can't afford to fix right now. Once those issues are fixed, I'll be a happy lady! I'll probably do some before & afters once we have enough money to start fixing stuff. :)

    2. Of course, I'd rather have this awful house full of laughter and love than the alternative. I just would like to have a house I feel comfortable inviting people to and be able to have Brayden's birthday parties at his own house. :)