Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A 2K Recap

Brayden's preschool takes pictures throughout the year of the kids. At the end of Brayden's 2K year, they offered a CD specified to your child of all of their pictures for only $5! It was totally worth that. I just got it today (they had to send it home in his folder because I forgot and never went and picked it up last summer . . . oops!) I love it! So, I had to share some of them. :)

Here is a picture of the 1st day of school on 9/4/12. I blurred out the kids faces in case their parents don't want their picture on my blog. Hopefully Mrs. Kelly, Mrs. Diane, and Mrs. Rebecca won't care though. :)
9/27/12 - I love this picture!
2/9/13 - Donuts with Daddy!
2/13/13 - Playing with the cars & trucks
2/19/13 - Snacktime!
2/28/13 - Dr. Seuss Day/Wear Your Favorite Hat Day
3/28/13 - Spring Fling!
4/16/13 - Class Picture
4/30/13 - Muffins with Mommy
5/2/13 - CBK Day of Prayer (I love this picture of all the kids praying! Plus it makes my heart happy that my sweet boy has his head down)
 5/9/13 - Practicing for their End of the Year Program (Yes that's my child pulling his shirt up. So thankful another boy is doing it too. Even though Brayden probably started it.)

 I love Brayden's preschool. We are so fortunate to have one in our town, right at our church. The teachers are so caring and genuine. They do fun activities and field trips. He's made some great friends. We love CBK!

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