Monday, September 16, 2013

Asher Turns 2!

Asher's birthday and party were Saturday so of course we went to help celebrate. Before we get to that, though, let me recap Thursday and Friday.

Thursday evening Mom and I took Brayden and Bentley to the park in Montevallo. This park is so cool because it's HUGE and it has faces carved in the trees. Brayden is pretty enamored with the faces, but Bentley could have cared less. We got there right at dusk so we didn't have much time. We looked at a few faces, but then made our way to the playground where Brayden made a new friend. It is so precious to me to watch Brayden make new friends. His new friend's name was Tyler, so Brayden made sure to tell him that is his daddy's name too!

Friday night, we went to the outlet mall to pick Asher up a birthday gift. Brayden found this cool helmet with the light on it and wanted me to take a picture of him. Then he said "Mom send that picture to my daddy." Anytime construction or building something is involved, we have to send a picture to Daddy.

So back to the party . . . we got to watch the Alabama game and party it up all in the same day! We got down there pretty early so I could get my hands on this sweet girl! :)

As soon as we got there, Emma and Brayden decided it would be fun to attack Tyler.
Brayden loves her so much. He loves Asher too, but I think because he and Emma are so close in age, they have such a special relationship. I love to watch them play together. When their energy started to get a little out of control, I took them outside. I tried to get a picture of the birthday boy, but I don't think he likes having his picture made because he started to hit me with this rake! I didn't hold it against him since Brayden went through that phase too. :)
Brayden loves baby Ella. He kisses her and talks to her while I'm holding her. He's still pretty adamant that he doesn't want a baby at home, though. (Not that I'm letting him make that decision, of course!)
I'm pretty sure he's about to go through a growth spurt because he has been eating SO much. He literally ate all day while we were at their house and finished it all off with a delicious cupcake!
We had such a good time at the party. I love watching Bray play with his cousins and I'm counting on them being the best of friends as they grow up!

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