Tuesday, August 27, 2013

BDO (Boy's Day Out)

Saturday I helped some family friends get a house ready for an estate sale so Tyler was on daddy duty all day. He decided to take Brayden hiking at a state park that was close by and they had a great time together. I'm glad they finally got to spend some time just the 2 of them. I hope they end up being the best of friends. First, they stopped and got some lunch and Brayden got a cookie!
Then, they went and hiked up the mountain to see a waterfall. According to Tyler, Brayden did so good! There were some steep portions of the trail, but he never asked to be held. Also, to give you a glimpse of real life, those clothes actually served as his pajamas the night before. He wears his clothes that get too small as pajamas. Tyler said he couldn't find any of his other clothes, so he just took him in that! Ah, men! In his defense, though, I don't think any of his clothes were actually clean. :)

Seriously, why does my child smile like this?!

Saturday evening we went to get groceries. After grocery shopping, we decided it was too late to try to get home and cook so we made a stop by Cracker Barrel to eat.

Yes, that's the Cracker Barrel game on his head
On Friday, Brooke texted me a video and said Brayden and Bentley had been doing this all day. The funniest part of it is at the beginning when Bentley talks. She has just started talking so of course we think everything she says is hilarious. To translate: she says "Bray, hold me?" Brooke said Brayden finally said "I can't hold you all day Bent, you're too heavy!" I love those 2 kids!
We had a great weekend! Hope you did too!

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