Wednesday, August 14, 2013

My Woodworking Husband

So, I realized not long after I married my husband that he can do pretty much anything. I'm seriously in awe of him. I'm not just trying to brag, there are very few things he cannot do. It really comes in handy to be married to someone like that. The only down side is, in the beginning, I was convinced I was right and he was wrong a lot. I've finally realized he's rarely wrong when it comes to common sense related stuff and I should just listen to him.

A good lesson for a wife to learn, don't you think?

Anyway, one of his major passions/hobbies/talents is woodworking. He works at a wood shop so he gets to bring home a lot of scrap wood. He's started making various projects and they have all turned out beautiful!

This is a stool he made for his wood shop. He carved that face in the stool!
He made this hammering toy for Brayden. You know, one of those things where he hammers the pegs down.
He made a shelf to go by the door so I can hang my purse and Brayden's backpack and stuff. I love it!
He made a DVD holder for all of Brayden's DVDs to go in (& shaped like a rocket too!).
Last but not least, he made this awesome shelf for Brayden's room. This has been my absolute favorite of everything he's made.
I can send anyone who is interested directions on how to make this. Just leave a comment.

I am just amazed that he makes these things without instructions or anything! He sure is nice to have around. :)


  1. That is awesome! I had no idea he did this type of stuff. I may need to hire him to make me a few things - seriously!!

  2. How about that kitchen island? And grandmommy's rocking chair? I agree with you -- he IS amazing!