Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Mid-Week Randoms

I'm linking up with Megan again for Mid-Week Randoms.

1. I found this on Pinterest the other night about introverts. It describes me perfectly. I consider this blog a Catch 22 - I can express myself without having to worry about people looking at me and being the center of attention, but it's also very hard for me to put myself out there like this. Anyway, I am 110% introverted!
2. My sister loves to go to yard sales & she finds really good stuff. She got an entire box full of Fall clothes for Bray for only $15! I mean, check out all of the clothes:
My sister really does make my life so much easier and I hardly ever give her credit for it. She pretty much always takes my child to get his hair cut when he needs it. She keeps him stocked up on clothes that fit him; like seriously, I don't think I've bought him more than 5 pieces of clothing in his life. She keeps him any time I need her to after she's spent 10 hours a day with him 5 days a week. She's a lifesaver for this working mom!

3. You know that estate sale I mentioned in this post? Well, I racked up on some gently used household items. I got some new sheets for my bed and a couple of lamps for my living room. Previously I had a standing lamp that had lost its lamp shade many moons ago. It's amazing how much more homey my living room looks with these new lamps! It's like a new room and I love being in there!

4. I just found out I'm taking a beach trip with these 2 cuties!
We're not going until October, but I am so excited! Brayden is beyond excited. I know it will be such a fun time!

5. Tomorrow is the Casting Crowns concert & Brayden's open house for his new year of school!

Happy Hump Day Friends!

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