Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Brayden's 3rd Birthday Party

Now that Brayden has been 3 for over 3 months, I figured it was time to do a post about his birthday party. Better late than never, don't ya think? :)

The party was a John Deere theme.
The party was held at my brother-in-law's dad's barn and it was the perfect location.
The craziest thing about the party was the weather. It was held in early May and it was freezing outside! It was rainy and so breezy when we were setting up that stuff kept blowing off the tables. I was a little nervous about how I was going to pull off an outside party in that weather. However, right at 2:00 when the party started, the sun came out and the breeze died down and it was somewhat comfortable. I never imagined I would have that problem when planning the party!

Here are the food tables:
We had the potato patch, pig pen, apple orchard, hay bales, and tractor tires.
The cake table:

The cake was made by the Kearleys that work with my mom.
The watering trough (drink area):
We had lots of fun farm/tractor activities:

Any of the kids who wanted to got to take a horse ride. Of course, the birthday boy was up first!

He's so lucky to have such a fun aunt who is pretty much his 2nd mom.
Uncle Danson took them all on a hayride:
Then we sang Happy Birthday and blew out the candles:

Pretty much all of his good friends (and mine!) were there:

He ended the party by playing on the tractor and letting all the balloons go:
Our sweet family of 3:
He had such a great time at his birthday party. It was so much fun!
Tomorrow I'll blog about his actual birthday!


  1. That is such a cute theme! I love the real tractor and lawn mower. Walker would have been all over that tractor. There is something about boys and big toys! Walker is obsessed with jeeps right now but he has gone through a garbage truck and tractor phase. You should pin this on pinterest!

    1. Thank you! It was a lot of fun to plan! Brayden is the same way - he goes through phases, but it's almost always something vehicular. :)

  2. Very cute party and cute ideas. Nate was a cute farmer and I'm glad the boys are such good friends.