Friday, August 30, 2013

Come to the Well/3K Open House

Last night we went to the Casting Crowns/Francesca Battistelli concert and let me just say, it was phenomenal! Seriously, it rocked my socks off.
I already loved Francesca Battistelli long before the concert. I bought her My Paper Heart album and loved it! She seems so down to earth. I did a little research on her while she was performing and we're only like 2 weeks apart in age! Plus we have children that are only about 6 months apart.
We were so close to the stage! We had awesome seats (thanks to my mom for scoring those!) This is a picture from my Iphone that is not zoomed in at all:
I LOVE Casting Crowns. They are so talented and I've never heard a song from them I didn't like.
This was my first Crowns concert, unlike the rest of my family who had seen them at least once. I already knew that he was a youth pastor, but he said they are all very involved in their churches so they are home Sunday through Wednesday so they can be at their home churches and they only travel Thursday through Saturday. How awesome is that?
They sang their new song, Thrive. I think I hard that a new CD comes out in January. Can't wait!
I thoroughly enjoyed my evening, except for not getting into bed until about midnight, and cannot wait to go to another Casting Crowns concert.
By the way, if you look back at the pictures, you'll notice my sister has a purple contraption hanging from her neck. While she may look 26, she's really 75 at heart. Every time I've seen her outside this summer, she's had that fan hanging from her neck fanning herself with it. Hey, I'm sure she was more comfortable than we were! :)
As I mentioned, last night was also 3K Open House and I had to miss it! I gave Tyler strict instructions on everything to do, even down to what I wanted Brayden to wear. I also instructed him to send me a picture. When I got this one, I got a little freaked out:
I just knew that he was sad and upset that I wasn't there and anxious about meeting his new teacher and it was killing me!

Then he sent me this one and I felt much better:
He starts school Tuesday and I can't believe next year will be his last year before kindergarten. I am definitely ready to get back into a routine though!


  1. I nominated you for the Liebster Award - check it out! :)

    1. Aww thank you! Hopefully I can get a post up tomorrow or Monday!