Monday, August 26, 2013

Bentley Grace

Brooke and her family recently went to the beach. When I borrowed her memory card to get those pictures from Brayden's party, I found some pictures of Bentley on the beach and laughed so hard. That girl has so many faces.
The I'll Cooperate For Now Face

She is full of personality and has no problem letting you know how she feels about anything.
The I'm Not Happy About This Face
Followed by:

The Now I'm MAD Face
If she loves you, she LOVES you - this would apply to her Mom & Nana. If she doesn't LOVE you then she could take you or leave you so I get this face a lot:
The You Get On My Nerves Face
So then I start to annoy her because for some reason I think that'll make her like me and then I get this:
The You Better Leave Me Alone Face
I've finally accepted the fact that she's never going to get too excited to see me or choose me to be the one who gets to hold her. Of course, I still love her more than words can say.
The Normal Face
I love this sweet girl so much and I'm so glad we live close to each other so I can watch her grow up. Who knows, maybe one day when she gets older she'll like me! :)
The Mommy, You Hung The Moon Face

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  1. Loved this, Bethany! You're going to be the one she turns to when she's 15 and is mad at her mom! And don't forget that she is crazy about her daddy and her cousin Brayden. I am SO blessed to have ALL of you in my life!