Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Many Faces of Brayden

We got rid of our satellite tv several months ago. Now all we have is Netflix and DVDs. It was something that I was very nervous to do because I was worried that we'd be miserable without it. But I realized we were only watching tv in the evenings because none of us are home during the day and we were paying all of this money for something we hardly used. Not to mention what I watched was not the greatest (Teen Mom, 16 & Pregnant, KUWTK, Sister Wives, yeah all junk). The amazing thing is we have not missed it one time! We're perfectly content to watch Netflix or all 10 seasons of Friends that we have the box set of.

Brayden loves Netflix. There are so many shows for him to watch on there. The problem is, before Netflix, he wasn't allowed to play with my phone. Now, we have a cord that he can plug my phone up to the tv and watch Netflix on the tv. Which means he's become quite familiar with my phone and how it works. It also means he has some unsupervised time with my phone while I'm cooking or doing dishes or what not. He's been known to call Nana, unbeknownst to me. He even left her a voicemail practically hollering at her if she could hear him. "NANA YOU CAN HEAR ME?!" Guess I need to teach him about voicemail.

He also knows how to get to the camera and he takes literally like 30 pictures in a 2 minute time frame. After he's gone to bed, I will find my camera roll full of pictures. Most of them are of the house. His room, the living room, etc. But sometimes he figures out how to turn the camera around and take some pictures of himself. I laugh out loud when I see these.
  Oh, kids & technology these days!

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