Thursday, August 15, 2013

Mid-Week Randoms

I'm linking up again with Megan at In This Wonderful Life again for some Mid-Week Randoms.

1. I've created a facebook page for my blog so I can update it when I do new posts. Go like it!!/pages/Hutton-Family-Blog/371656889628826

2. Today is my first work day this week so it feels like Monday. Score for only having 2 more days until the weekend! :)

Monday I took Brayden to our local mall because they had taken the carousel down and sent it off to be worked on several months ago and it was put back in this weekend so we went to break it in. He really wanted to ride on it by himself, but that made me so nervous so I talked him in to letting me ride with him. We ate pizza (yes I cheated), rode the carousel, went to 2nd & Charles and picked out a book, and got ice cream (yes I cheated again) (I don't get many Mondays with my boy so it called for celebration).

Tuesday we just stayed at home and Brayden played in his pool again and helped me cut grass. I wouldn't recommend cutting grass in flip flops, though, because it will totally stain your feet!

I had so much fun being home with him those 2 days. I've always wished I had the option to be a stay at home mom, but after these 2 days, I think I'm cut out to be more of a working girl.

3. We also stopped at Bath & Body Works while we were at the mall and picked up some new hand soap. They were having a great deal - 5 for $15. We got some new fall ones & I can't wait until it's time to put them out! Fall is seriously my favorite season!

4. Brayden is completely potty trained and goes to the bathroom on his own whenever he needs to go. The problem is lately I've noticed a distinct urine smell in my bathroom every time I walk in. I'm concerned that he's gotten a little too comfortable while using the bathroom and gets distracted and misses the toilet bowl occasionally. Any ideas on how I can prevent that?

5. I'm starting to think about what planner I want to get for 2014. I prefer the planners with only the months in them. I'm not really busy enough to need a daily planner. I really love the Erin Condren notebooks with the months added in, but they are just so expensive. I've also tried Maybooks, but they're too small. I lucked out this year with a Lilly Pulitzer planner. It's pretty cheap and exactly what I'm looking for in the way it's laid out. I'm just wondering if there are better ones out there I don't know about. Be sure to fill me in if you have one you love!

That's it for my randomness. Have a great rest of the week!

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