Monday, August 5, 2013

Weekend Recap & Baby Ella

It's been pretty quiet around here lately. We've had several weekends in a row where we didn't have any plans, which has been nice since we're about to gear back up for school.

Last Saturday, baby Ella was born! We went to the hospital to see her and got there right before she was born. I wanted to take Brayden, but we decided against it and now I'm glad we did because we had to wait a little while and then once she was born, she stayed in the nursery for a while. Emma and Asher were so sweet when they met her. I love the last picture where Asher is trying to pull her hat down. :)

 Hopefully we'll be able to go down one weekend coming up so Brayden can meet her.

This weekend we went to the McWane Center on Saturday. It was Shelby County Day so all Shelby County residents got in for half price. Mom and I took Brayden and Bentley and they had so much fun. Brayden's most fun things were driving the spaceship, digging for dinosaur bones, playing with the Light Bright, petting (well not really, he was too scared) the stingrays and sharks, and so on and so on.

He was quite obsessed with the fish statue on the water floor. It was hard to keep him away from it.

The funniest part was right when we were about to leave and Brayden went in the house where you're tall on one end and small on the other. He had no idea anyone was watching him and he started looking in the tv monitor and dancing and saying repeatedly, "I'm Brayden Thomas Hutton, I'm Brayden Thomas Hutton." It was so funny!

Brayden is slightly obsessed with Vulcan ever since we watched fireworks at Thunder on the Mountain. He insisted I take a picture of him in front of the Vulcan that was in one of the exhibits.

He really loved it. It's almost too much to do in 1 trip, especially for a preschooler. Bentley loved it too - her favorite part was the kitchen. She loved the cash register and especially loved the play money in the cash register. If you know her in real life, then that's par for the course; the girl loves money!

Sunday we had lunch at my grandmother's after church. I have lots of cousins on that side of the family and there are 5 girls who were all born within about 3 years of each other. We cousins aren't popping them out as fast as our moms did so there are 3 kids now within a 3 year timespan. Poor Colton was not ready to wake up from his nap when he got there so he struggled a little at first, but he warmed up by the end. There was a train table that they all thought was great. By the time it was time to go and I wanted to get a picture of all of them, Brayden's "no nap" fatigue had taken control of his body and emotions and there would be no picture taking for him. Bentley and Colton were sweet to each other and participated in the goodbye hugs. Oh well, maybe I can get a picture of all of them at Christmas. It's hit or miss with a bunch of preschoolers! :)

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