Thursday, August 22, 2013

Brayden is 3!

I realized yesterday that not only did I not blog about his party, I didn't even blog about his actual birthday, which was May 8th! Seeing as how I do this blog so I can print it into a book and have it to look back on, I figured I better get on that!

Since his party was the Saturday before his birthday, we had to do something on his actual birthday to celebrate. I take the day off every year on his birthday because one day he'll be in school and won't be able to do something fun on that day so I'm savoring these moments while I have them. We took him to Chuck E Cheese's for the first time on his 2nd birthday so he wanted to go there again on his 3rd birthday. Luckily, he now thinks we only go there for his birthday. :) Brooke and Bentley and Nana went with us and we had the best day.

Riding the carousel!

The monster truck was their favorite ride, but they were too scared to ride it by themselves because it was pretty rough so Nana or Brooke rode it with them.

Brayden Thomas Hutton,

How in the world are you already 3 years old?! You make me happier than any other thing on this Earth. You are the funniest kid ever and you are so smart. You use phrases and sentences that I'm pretty sure most 3 year olds wouldn't know how to use. You have finally gotten more independent and like to do things on your own, especially use the potty. You are completely potty trained after a slight relapse over the summer. You are so sweet, compassionate, and caring. You take your job of oldest cousin very seriously and are constantly making sure Bentley doesn't go anywhere or do anything she's not supposed to. You have a short temper like your mama and get pretty frustrated when things don't go your way. You are so loving, always touching me and telling me how much you love me, usually by saying "I love you to Jupiter" or "I love you to the moon". You are a huge mama's boy and think I am the only one who can fix you a drink, give you a bath, put you to bed, etc. Sometimes that gets to me, but then I remember how fleeting the years are where you think I hung the moon. I love you so much, precious boy. You make my life worth living!

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