Sunday, August 11, 2013

Family Time

We've had a weekend full of sunshine, fun, and family! Yesterday, Brayden played in his pool outside for a little bit. We fill it up and then turn the water off and he just thinks that's the craziest thing ever. I mean, we've got plenty of money, we can pay for the water to run ALL day, right Mom?!
Mom, something's wrong - the water's not coming out anymore
Remember how I mentioned back 2 weeks ago that baby Ella was finally here and that I wasn't able to hold her while we visited her in the hospital? There's this little thing called life that has gotten in the way since she was born and I haven't been able to get my hands on her BUT . . . today I did! Oh it did my heart good.
I'm just going to go ahead and admit, I have a pretty serious (ok, life consuming) case of baby fever right now. But I'm trying to be that thing called, what is it, oh yeah, responsible and wait. And it ain't no fun! There are just so many things I need to get accomplished before I have another baby. I know the whole saying of if you wait until you're ready you'll never have another one, but I just think now's not the right time for us. Anyway, I don't need to bore you with all that no fun stuff. Suffice it to say if I can see this sweet baby fairly often, I might be ok.

This was also Brayden's first time to meet Ella. He was pretty impressed! He kept rubbing her arm and then he'd kiss her on the head. He kept saying "Look at that sweet baby girl". The funny thing is, if you ask him if he wants a baby at his house, he says "No I not want a baby at my house, I not like babies, they pee pee and poo poo in them pants!". So, we're all in favor of waiting for a baby. :)

I also got to see this sweet boy. He is so sweet and so cute.

And of course, sweet Emma. Brayden seriously loves this girl. When he finds out he's going to get to see her, he loses control. He asks where she is every 5 minutes and gets so excited. I love that he has so many sweet cousins that he can grow up together with.
By the way, why does my child make so many weird faces when I take pictures? We need to work on that!

We had such a good weekend, and the best news is, I still have 2 more days off! Woohoo!

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