Saturday, August 17, 2013

Fitness Friday

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My Life Of Travels And Adventures

I'm still doing pretty well on my lifestyle change and Insanity workout. I'm telling you, I have a new respect for these people in the Insanity video. They make it look so easy and it is seriously the hardest thing ever! I take several 5 second breaks and some exercises I can only do like 2 or 3 times, i.e. anything related to pushups. But I'm trucking along doing it 6 nights a week, sweating like a pig, looking like I'm about to have a heart attack because my face is so red.

Tyler and I measured Monday and I wasn't very pleased with my results. I'm still about the same after 2 weeks of doing the program. Oh well, I'll just keep doing it. I won't let it get me down!

I cheated a couple of times last weekend, but I didn't cheat every meal so that's an improvement. My monthly visitor is here this week and she's made herself known. Wednesday was the worst. I was so tired, wanted chocolate so bad, and had no energy to do my workout. And you know what? I got some chocolate and I took Wednesday as my off day for my workout. You know what else? That's ok. Life gets in the way sometimes and as long as you get back in the saddle the next day, it's ok. I don't beat myself up about small things like that as I long as I keep going and don't let it knock me out for good. It's really hard to eat healthy when you live in the South but I feel so much better when I do!

I'm looking into a 5K in the next month or 2. I won't be trained for it, but I can walk/run it. I feel like my endurance has definitely gone up while I'm doing Insanity and I feel like running is sure to be easier than doing Insanity. My friends Jackie (Losing It One Day At A Time) and Bruce (Bruce's Blog) have motivated me to do one even if I have to power walk most of the time. I'll let you know which one I sign up for!

Thanks for reading and keeping me accountable! :)

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  1. Whoop! Thanks for the blog shoutout!

    You can totally do a 5K! Most of the one's we've done we did without a whole lot of training. The Baby Steps 5k was the first one where I trained for months before the race. We'd love for you to do one with us!