Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Mid Week Randomness

I'm linking up with Megan over at In This Wonderful Life today and giving you some Mid Week Randoms. Feel free to join in!

* Tonight is a GNO for the women in my Sunday School class and I am so excited! A night away with friends with no kid is just what I need.

* My child is currently obsessed with rocks. He found a rock down at the barn that was pretty cool and it has created a frenzy. Lucky for him, his dad already had a small rock collection going (perhaps where his rock obsession gene originated?) and gave him some of his cool rocks. He's also gone out and picked random, pretty ordinary rocks from the yard. He's got them all lined up on his windowsill.
* I'm still working on my healthy lifestyle. I'll do a post about that soon. I was doing the Couch to 5K Program 3 nights a week and the 30 Day Shred 3 nights a week. However, my husband borrowed Insanity from a friend and he's doing that so I decided to join in and do it with him. We've been doing it a week and a half and I can definitely tell a difference in my endurance. I'm not fit in any way, shape, or form so it's pretty hard to keep up. I'm determined though!

* We've been taking a lot of the same meals we used to make and "healthifying" them. One night this week we made jambalaya. We used to just buy the boxed kind, but we made it homemade this time. We used brown rice and turkey sausage and put a lot of veggies and spices in it. It was surprisingly delicious and tasted pretty much the exact same! It's been a lot easier to eat healthy this time around. My only problem is weekends - I want to cheat so bad on the weekends, and I usually do! I'm determined to change that to 1 cheat meal a week instead of a cheat weekend.

* My sister is leaving for the beach Saturday and is not coming back until Tuesday. I've taken Monday and Tuesday off since she won't be here to watch Bray and I'm super excited! I'm trying to plan fun things to do those 2 days. Since we just went to the McWane Center and will probably be going to the zoo either this weekend or next, I'm trying to think of some other places. I've thought of Treetop, Chuck E Cheese's, or IJump. We'll see where we end up!

That's pretty much all the randomness I have right now. Have a great rest of the week!

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  1. I'm exactly like you - with the weekends sabotaging my healthy intentions! It's so frustrating, for sure!